Festiwal Birofilia 2011 (Żywiec 2011, June 17-18)

This year, like every June, in Sigla‘s and Remigijus‘s yard ir Marijampolė a few cars full of collectors and their collectibles have arrived. Collectors started to carry their stuff into the van and get ready for the trip to one of the biggest and the most favorite markets – Żywiec market.  As always, treated with Kugel and homemade beer, full of joy and happiness we started our trip. The nearest destination - border of Czech Republic. We reached it on the early morning and when we crossed the border we move towards Ostrava. There, in the train station, we took our colleague collector Oleg from Saratov and we started our almost traditional trip through Moravia-Silesia micro-breweries.


The first one of our aims - micro-brewery in Rahov which was only opened last year. We arrived early so tavern-brewery sadly wasn‘t open. But Oleg surprised us by his Czech language knowledge when he quickly found the chef and the brewery owner who invited us to taste beer and buy some souvenirs. After a sincere conversation we said goodbye and moved towards Hlučín.

In Hlučín we went to a restaurant-brewery called Avar which was set up in the city center. The restaurant was already open so we rushed inside. The first impression was kind of shocking – the floor was covered with peanut shells. As we later found out, that is the tradition – visitors eat peanuts and they throw shells on the ground. It seemed very unusual to us. During a short visit we drank some beer, bought some merchandise and we moved towards Ostrava. We have planned to visit 2 micro-breweries there.

Unfortunately the first one, Biovar micro-brewery, which is also working as a youth club, was closed and we didn‘t have time to wait a couple of hours. So we moved towards the second micro-brewery set up in Zabreh castle.

A place where the brewery is located is popular among tourists. People celebrate weddings and other balls here. Brewery itself is located in the castle. Many of us wanted to taste the famous dark beer but sadly it disappointed us all. But the wheat beer was delicious.

We didn‘t have much time so we rushed towards Żywiec. On the way we decided to have dinner in a micro-brewery called Konicek which we have visited last year. The beer and food didn‘t disappoint us so we moved towards the last destination point.

We were a little bit tired by the trip and Czech beer when we reached Żywiec so we decided to find a hotel. There wasn‘t much time left until the evening market so we took a quick shower, dressed properly and rushed to hunt the first collector's trophies. The market was already crowded with people. There were a lot of exchanges, participants could take part in attractions on the scene but we were happy with couple hours hunting and we went to our hotel to rest. But how can you rest when you have Belarusians living with you?  We sat down for the evening meal and we shared the impressions from the trip. We chose the duration of sleep by our strength – some lay down right after the evening meal and some were happy with only few hours of sleep. In the morning - a shower, closed eyes... and Sigla‘s voice: „who wants some coffee? “   We quickly drank our coffee and we went to take over some tables in the market.  This year the number of participants was smaller so we didn‘t have a big problem with the tables-there were enough for everyone. The first exchanges, first trophies and the first happy smiles in our faces. Club members were active in different challenges as always: Sigla participated in the team beer drinking game where she took the 3rd place. Remigijus and Andrius participated in the headdress contest.  The winner of the biggest breasts contest was Sigla who took this position from Ugnė.   But probably the most entertaining was cake eating contest where blindfolded women had to feed their teammates with a big slice of cake.  The participants in this challenge were our crew members Rūta and Sigla. When we collected our prizes we took a photograph with the friendly event presenters. In the evening together with Belarus crew we got back to the hotel where we got a surprise from Remigijus and Sigla. Nobody knew what it was but from the served table everyone understood that it will be eatable surprise.  While we waited we accepted a new club member to our club - Byelorussian Anton. And then again with very hungry and full of questions faces we waited...until we saw a big pig ham with potatoes baked in the furnace. We were all amazed by the view.  We gave the carver position to Andrej and we slipped him our plates. The surprise was really delicious. And what does a full person care about? Entertainment!!!  There was a trampoline in the yard of the hotel. And would there be anyone who would say no?  Almost everyone wanted to jump on trampoline only Rosita was timidly watching through the window. After the jumping we went to check out the horses that were kept in the hotel territory which ended as another entertainment. There were almost no one who said no either.  The funniest rider was Andrej who fell down from the horse two times but he still tried to climb on it.  After the evening meal and all the entertainment we were sitting in the terrace for a long time...