International breweriana collectors market in Hamm (April 2, 2011)

Every year more and more collectors from different countries visit Germany collectors market in Hamm city. That is a pretty big collectors market which is known for a variety of beer merchandise. Among the big crowd of collectors from Lithuania, Belarus, Russia this year’s market was visited by two of our club members Dainius with family and Vasilijus.

Hamm itself is pretty far from our land but the nature, castles, cities architecture and other beauties pay for the long trip. All experiences from a trip by Dainius:

„We left quite early on Tuesday, March 29. We didn’t only want to visit the market but also to see interesting wayside places and amazing landscape. In the evening we arrived at Vaclav, city of Poland. We walked around the old town which is similar to the old town of Krakow and we were amazed. We left the city and spent the night in a hotel near the border of Germany. In the early morning we crossed the border and moved towards the city Kohem where one of the most spectacular Germany places Moselle valley begins. We were amazed by how many castles there are. Every 2-3 kilometers there was a new castle with beautiful vineyards surrounding it.


When we passed the city of Koblenz we stopped at the brewery Konigsbacher. Then we moved towards Triero, the oldest Germany city which was established before Rome. We visited the old city and the famous Porta Nigra gates of Triere.

We spent the night in Luxembourg in a hotel near the castle. The other day of our trip was special because of the number of countries that we visited. We walked around the Luxembourg, stopped by at a private castle in France, visited Liege city in Belgium and Eindhoven city in Holland.

In the Friday morning we moved towards Hamm. When we arrived, we found a lot of collectors who were already exchanging their merchandise. We spent half of the day only searching and exchanging beer merchandise.

On the early Saturday morning everyone moved towards the big hall where the main market was at. All the impressions are in the photos.


After the lunch we packed our bags and moved towards Poland“.