Beer marathon 2011 in Marijampolė (2011-09-03)

After a long preparation for the event the final morning has come and everyone was wandering if the marathon will happen. That was the first such event in Marijampolė that‘s why we had to work hard to attract people to something like that. On the morning of the event we already had 30 registered participants.  We rushed to the cafe „Parkas“with our helpers early so that we could have time for the preparation. The weather was perfect so we set up in the terrace of the cafe. With a nice music in the background the participants started to gather. The number of red t-shirts and smiles was getting bigger.

Necessary instructions where participants were informed about what was waiting for them in the route, a group photo and an urge to start the marathon. From a big excitement one participant started as soon as he got the map, without the starting time so we had to catch him and take him back. Marathon checkpoints were set out very widely so participants chose their routes differently – some of them started to run from the excavated park and others from the town square. There were various challenges waiting for the participants in ever indicated checkpoints. They had to fish for beer caps, jump over the rope, sit on the beer caps and try to guess how many beer caps are under their butts, test their accuracy by throwing beer coasters, guess the beer caps by the breweries, in the Chinese restaurant – put beer caps from one bowl to another only using chopsticks, list some Lithuanian breweries and guess under which cup the beer cap is hiding. There was a big basket with marathon sponsors UAB “Mantinga” production in the middle of the marathon route, in the Good beer house. Every one could eat as much as they wanted so that they would have enough strength to reach the finish line. Some of them ate on the road, others decided to treat beautiful girls who were sitting at the checkpoints. There was enough of entertainment in the streets and in the cafe. People were waving, cars were beeping, supporting the participants and all the fans were supporting their favorite participants at the cafe. The first participants reached the finish line after about an hour. While the results were being calculated everyone was drinking free beer, eating free snacks and sharing their impressions. We didn‘t want to make people bored so we had some challenges prepared where men could test their abilities at beer mug holding challenge, which was won by Vilmantas Gicevičius. The cafe was full of good mood, smiles and laugh.

The final moment has come, when the results were announced. Everyone was being very impatient about the results because the all challenges and drank beer during the marathon could have changed all the results. The grand prize – a barrel of beer – was won by Vilmantas Gicevičius who was very happy that he won‘t need to buy beer for his wedding. The second place was taken by Algis Mantas and the third place by Lukas Krupavičius. Evaldas Ramanauskas and Vaidas Mikulevičius also received the invitations to Beer marathon 2011 final in Vilnius. There were only 4 women in the marathon so all of them received prizes. The first women who won the grand women prize – a coupon of beautie treatments - was Aušra Skamarakienė, the second one- a student from Kaunas Gerda Kapočiūtė, the third place was taken by two participants - Laimutė Karalienė ir Dalytė Penkatienė, who shared their prize. The latter also received a diploma of the oldest marathon participant. The youngest marathon participant was Edvinas Plioplys. The bravest participant was Žygimantas Kiškis who was the first one who registered for the marathon. The funniest participant - Rimantas Kuklierius, who performed the challenges very creatively and who got some of the marathon helper’s girl’s numbers.



The first Beer marathon in Marijampolė has happened! And we are thankful for that to our sponsors, who helped us turn our plans into reality, cafe „Parkas“who gave us a shelter and who was very tolerant about our partying until the closing time, marathon helpers girls who sat at the checkpoints and honestly put all the stamps and helped with all the challenges and of course to all the participants. The nicest moment was to hear a question – „When is the next marathon? “smiley-wink