Latviabeerfest (Riga, 2011 September 3-4)

I wasn‘t planning on visiting this event... Maybe because I totally forgot about it. So my visit at the Latviabeerfest was unexpected but quite nice. I was in Riga for other purposes that‘s why I was at the beer festival for a very short time and that‘s why my story is short and not very detailed... it‘s something like „comments of the passer-by”.

In the evening, as we were walking along the old town of Riga, we accidentally reached the place of the event. A Latvian group „The Hobos” concert was about to begin. I like this group and my fellow travelers thought their music was quite nice so we decided to spend some time there.


We were amazed by how they took care of the music. There were great quality speakers laid out by the main event street so if you wanted to hear music you didn‘t have to be near the stage. That let me walk across the event lanes, look around, make some photos and listen to the music I like. I didn‘t see anything spectacular: there were many brewers with their production, a long queue by the toilets, a lot of different people. The price of 0, 5 liter beer was 1-1, 5 LVL. A beer fest and that‘s all. But...according to the festival program, there were supposed to be beer degustation, voting for the best beer, dances, miss selection and a lot of other things... Let‘s just say because of the lack of time I didn‘t see the best part of the event and the festival was good. According to my fellow travelers there were some quite good beers. Unfortunately, I had to drive so I couldn‘t taste it. I don‘t really regret that. The weather was great, the music was good and I had a nice time.

I liked a stove made from an old car and a bar on wheels, which was drove by the clients of that bar. The next day I saw that bar by the "Radisson Blu" hotel. I wonder if it belongs to the hotel...or the last clients were living in that hotel...


 Some videos from the event: