Small brewer’s festival in Helsinki (Finland) 2011-07-30

It was summer holiday season so I also couldn‘t resist the temptation to visit foreign countries. I packed a small backpack of the most necessary stuff, a camera and I went to the country of Vikings- Finland. After a long 12 hours trip through Latvia and Estonia we finally reached the terminal leading to the ferry. That‘s where the first red-haired bearded guys showed up carrying their luggage full of different types of beer. In the shops on the ferry you could buy cheaper beer than in Finland.

On the way to our temporary living place we were curiously looking through the car windows with a hope to see deluxe restaurants signboards or bars showcases. Unfortunately the architecture decisions of Finns appeared to be reserved and hidden. Ravintola – it is a restaurant with a moderate signboard that looks nothing like our bright Lithuanian signboards. By the way there many restaurants with karaoke like this one In Helsinki.


We had a wonderful warm weather and on the Saturday evening we went to see Helsinki. We didn‘t go there just to wander, we had an objective. Club president warned us that we can find a small brewers festival somewhere in the center. After a short walk we found a fenced territory. The entry wasn’t cheap – 5 euro. There was a tent by the entry with empty wet beer mugs (at first we didn’t understand why they were wet) for 2 euro each. As we later found out if you want to taste beer you have to bring your own beer mug or you can rent it in that tent. We tried to bring in our own beer (we’re Lithuanians, we can’t do it any other way) but security guards noticed that and politely confiscated our open beer cans.

Every brewer was pouring his beer to anyone who wanted for 5 euro for each 0, 5 liter. We tasted 6 types of different beer including dark which was black as tar and terribly bitter. We paid a large amount of money for one bottle – 10 euro. Unfortunately I was used to Lithuanian beer taste so I didn’t like any of those I tasted there. We managed to talk to some brewers and we even received gifts – some beer and a couple of beer mugs. After national Finland dances we came home.

The other day we visited Finnish malls where we tried to look for Lithuanian beer. We found it with a nice price. You can see prices in the photos.


Rosita and Andrius