Stone beer production (Workshop) in Elm village

On July 17, 2010 club members received information about an event, where beer was being made and few members decided to attend it and also introduce our club. The event was happening in the organizer's homestead, in Elm village, near the city Kazlų Rūda.


Homemade beer enthusiasts gathered from different parts of Lithuania brought their homemade beer and didn't forget their homemade snacks. Club members were one of the first that arrived, that's why, until all the other participant came, they got acquainted to everyone, shared stories about their hobbies and about making of the club. When all the participants arrived, we were invited inside, where everyone introduced themselves officially. Our club was also introduced here. When club chairman raised the flag, he told everyone, what kind of club it is, what people it brings together, what kind of activities they carry out. Club member Sigla shortly told about beer merchandise, types of it, how it is collected, kept. She allowed to take a look at the exhibits, that she brought. The introduction was followed by the making of beer. Darius have been decided to make beer by an ancient recipe. During the boiling time, hot rocks from the fire were used, that's why it is called stone beer. While the beer was boiling, people were playing volleyball, tasting homemade beer, swimming in the nearby pond.


When the beer was done, we decided to make shashlik. Participants moved to the outdoor terrace, where talking about beer and its making secrets lasted late into the night. In the late evening, all the club members headed towards home, leaving cheerful company to party. We promised that next year we will take part in something similar.