Stone beer degustation 2010-08-16

One month after the making of stone beer in August 16, 2010, we visited Darius house. The host invited us to taste the beer that was made a month ago. There were 8 of us in Darius house and we were nicely welcomed. You could never take away the hospitality from this person.  A little shy conversation turned into a range of stories.

When we tasted stone beer, we were treated with dark beer. As the brewer himself said, it’s not as much porter, as it is stout, because of its dryness.  All in agreement nodded that beer is good. When we heard, that it only needed 400 grams of chocolate malt for this color, again we all agreed that the amount is small. Both types of beer that we tasted stood out with a great foam, but not very expressive smell. But that evening, it was only because we tasted it outside. We were polite and we stood up to go home, without waiting to be kicked out. But on our way out, we heard an invitation to see where beer is being made and we couldn‘t say no. So despite all the good things we also received a mini-tour.

After the trip and a group photo we headed home.