Beer marathon 2010 (September 18, 2010, Vilnius)

As soon as we heard about Beer marathon, which was organized this year, we had no doubt that we want to participate. For most of the club members that day wasn‘t suitable, so participants were only those, who could – Remigijus, Dainius and Sigla. For the assistance, we brought a youth descent from Marijampolė.

In the beginning of marathon, we all received t-shirts, which color we could choose by taste. We all found our pair and waited for the start. Until the start, singer Šaras from the group „Poliarizuoti stiklai“ was entertaining everyone with his songs. When we received maps, we all searched for the shortest ways and in our minds we hoped to outrun our opponents. It was fun to see colorful t-shirts of the marathon participants flashing in the old town of  Vilnius and to be delighted by the looks of amazed passers-by. We tried as hard as we could- some ran, some went on a public transport and some were just cheerfully walking.  All participants reached the finish line, of course, for some of them it took a long time to come back.  We all received a mug of beer for refreshment. Participants were rewarded in two groups –professionals and amateurs. Even though we didn‘t get a prize for speed, but one of our youth team members received a reward for hilarity- he finished the marathon dressed up as an old lady.

Thank you, organizers, for a cheerful event, which we hope will continue in the future.