36th international breweriana collectors market ( October 8-9, 2010 – Martin, Slovakia)

On October 8-9, 2010 in Martin, Slovakia‘s city, there was the 36th beer merchandise collectors meeting. That is one of the bigger markets, happening in the nearest countries. Organizers hoped for about 1000 collectors from different countries but unfortunately only a little bit more than 300 arrived. But let‘s begin from the start.

Our journey as usual started from Marijampolė where we were treated with Sigla‘s pie (people call it kugel ) and with beer which was made by club member Remigijus. We were full and ready to go. That day, one of the travelers - Vidmantas - was celebrating his birthday, so we congratulated him, gave kisses and shook hand.  Compactly seated in a van we headed towards Poland border. Night on the road passed very quickly so at about 7 o‘clock in the morning we were already by the Czech Republic border. An hour at the border: breakfast, washing and other procedures and we were ready to go.


On the early( measuring by beer drinking time) morning we reached the foreseen point – brewery Trinec, located in Karpestna, suburb of the Trinec city, which was settled in a pretty unusual place- the city boiler house.  We knocked until the warder came and called the owner. After about 15 minutes a man came, surprised by our early visit. But we were welcomed friendly and nicely. This time due to technical reasons beer is not being made there but we added a lot of glasses and metals to our collections. After a visit without getting to taste the beer we moved on.


The second object on our schedule that we had to visit was Valašsky pivovar Kozlovice. As we got inside we were welcomed with the smell of the malt and friendly smiles. It was very cozy and nicely equipped inside. A polite and chatty barman not just asked where we are from but he was also very pleased to communicate – he told us about the brewery, types of produced beer and gave us some merchandise- labels and coasters. We also bought some proprietary brewery- restaurant beer bottle openers. We had to take a picture with that nice barman. As we tasted the produced beer we moved on.


As we were sharing the impressions we arrived at the Bon brewery proprietary bar located in Frenštát pod Radhoštěm town.  Here we purchased beer, glasses, labels and we tasted beer. It didn‘t take us long because the day was getting shorter so we put everything on the bus and we moved further.


The next spot on our route - micro brewery - Rožnov brewery located in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm city. Although it wasn‘t working at the moment they let us in. They didn‘t sell us beer but we received some merchandise. This micro brewery was established only in this year’s July – that is the youngest brewery of all that we visited that time.


The last one and the most interesting spot that we visited - family micro brewery Valašek, located in Vsetín city.  A lot of different beer types are being made there- coffee, cherry, blueberry beer - dark and light. With great pleasure we tasted all the types of beer quarrelling what type we are tasting. At the end we took a picture with Sládek. That is how we ended our trip through Czech Republic micro breweries.


We reached Martin in the evening so we settled quickly and we rushed to the evening market. Meeting with friends, interesting and quick exchanges shortened our long day. After the market we rushed to the hotel to stretch our legs.

In the morning Sigla, the only woman in the crew, threw everyone out of their beds.  Whether we were happy about that or not, we rushed to the Sports complex.  Tired of exchanges and trips little by little collectors were already gathering there. All day passed communicating and exchanging specimens. Cheerful contests, beer auction, degustation added a variety to the market. We finished the market with a very cheerful photo shoot with Bulgarians and even Serbians. It‘s a nice collectors and usually competitors friendship.


After the market, we had some free time before the evening party which some of us were spending in the Bešeňová water pools, others were walking around the city. Since I was one of the latter here is some of the impression from city life. We walked to the city centre through almost empty streets for about 5 minutes. There is a non drivable street in the centre but there aren‘t many people there also. Although it was Saturday the shops were all closed and that surprised us a lot. It appears that all of the shops work only until Saturday‘s 2 o‘clock on weekends. After 2 o‘clock only malls, bars and cafés are still working. We tried to visit one beer bar and to eat there, but there were only drinks and no food. As we walked around the empty city which certainly wasn‘t cozy although weather was nice and warm we stepped into the restourant  „Čarna Pani“ where the evening party for collectors was supposed to be at. Soon other collectors joined us – we ate some delicious local national foods and we listened to some songs performed by the girl quartet. We all received prizes from J.Pokrievka. After the evening party we got back to the hotel and in the morning, full of impressions, we rushed to Lithuania.