XII breweriana collectors market in Warsaw 2011-01-22

January is not the best month for collector’s trips to the markets or other events. Winter, cold, slippery roads... But club members Remigijus and Dainius still decided to visit the annual collectors market in Warsaw, the capital of Poland.  Club members were joined by six other collectors from Vilnius,Jonava and Vievis. As always before the trip everyone gathered in Marijampolė, in the house of Sigla and Remigijus. Filled with dinner and porter, which Remigijus had made, a nice company left Marijampolė on Thursday evening so that they could reach Warsaw with no rush.

There was no snow for a few days so the road was perfect and we reached Warsaw early - at about 5 o‘clock in the morning. We had 3 hours left until the market so some of us tried to sleep, others were chatting in their cars and others were looking around the territory.

Of course, time was passing very slowly. Little by little collectors from other cities gathered there and a full club collector’s crew from Elblong really brightened everyone’s mood. It‘s not the first time that we see this collectors club and we know these cheerful people very well.


It became even more fun when one and a half hour before the start of the market a cafe in the building opened. We drank coffee, beer and we even played pool.smiley-smile

As planned, the market was opened at 8 o‘clock in the morning. Some of the collectors had to stand in a long line just to get in the hall. Although the hall was bigger than in the previous markets we thought that it was too tight. According to the participant’s number this year's market of Warsaw so far was the biggest of all markets- more than 250 participants and about the same number of citizens arrived, who wanted to buy beer and merchandise.

Sponsor of the market was brewery „Jablonowo“which high quality beer was introduced in the market. Maybe that‘s why the line by this brewery production was always long.

Not less popular was our little Lithuanian breweries beer, which we had a lot. Thanks to our club member Modestas and his shop (www.alauskrautuvele.lt), where we bought the beer.

Although there were a lot of participants in the market it wasn‘t very successful to Lithuanians- there were only 17 of them. Collections were supplemented very modestly.

The most entertaining part of the market was the lottery where it was possible to win some great prizes.

Well, after the market we chatted, had a laugh with our colleagues and we moved back home. There was a long way waiting for us and it was starting to snow...