A trip through the breweries of Highlands 2010-11-09

On the early morning of November 19th we started a long-awaited and planned trip through breweries of Highlands and a tour to the factory of „Kupiškio salyklas“.

A large number of club members from different parts of Lithuania gathered in Kupiškis. Here, in a Lithuanian malt factory, we started our trip and tours.

Not many of us have seen how one of the main raw material in production of beer - malt is being made, so we were all very curious to see all that. We consistently watched production process from the barley entry to the factory to the malt entry to the sale bags. The best illustration for that are the photos. We are thankful to UAB „Kupiškio salyklas“ management for giving us a chance to see everything and to have a look at the malt production process.


We really wanted to visit brewery „Kupiškio alus“. Unfortunately the director strictly refused to invite us, although we have coordinated our visit in advance.

But there was no lack of breweries, which owners showed us their properties with pleasure.

One of them - „Alaus purslai“. It was set up in 1992. The owner Saulius Alešiūnas with his son showed us all the beer making process – from malt milling to already mature beer pouring to the bottles. We chatted and tasted some „Gintarinė puta“ beer and headed to „Tauruškų“ brewery (ex „Habilitas“).


The new owners told us in detail about the brewery and beer types, showed us the brewery. Open fermentation room was the most interesting place, which is sterile so we only had a quick look at the open baths, where the beer is fermenting. When we were saying goodbye, the hosts gave us presents so with a good mood we moved further. 


We didn‘t have a lot of time so without waiting for anything we headed to Joniškėlis to a brewery „Joalda“.

Brewer Mr. Rimkevičius himself welcomed us. We were nicely surprised with owner‘s sincerity and hilarity. Halfway through the tour of the brewery we were invited to treat ourself with the beer and tasty toasted bread snack.  After a cheerful chat we continued our tour. We looked over a very modern brewery, which expensive improvement is paid by the owner. The result of it- a high quality delicious beer.Well maybe a little bit strong but as the brewer says, it‘s „local“ beer. And for yourself you make lighter beer.

No matter how cheerful we were spending out time we had to say goodbye. We had an Amber beer brewery waiting for us in Molėtai.Unfotunately due to lack of time, we had to put off our plans.

We are sicerely thankful to all the people who welcomed us and who gave us a lot of interesting information.