In „Gintaro baras“, Molėtai, 2011-02-06

After our autumn trip through the breweries of Highlands where we didn‘t manage to visit a small brewery in Molėtai, we decided to arrange a meeting precisely in „Gintaro baras“, Molėtai.

As soon as we opened the door we rushed to see the drinks menu and we were very disappointed when we heard that there was no local beer on sale. Although we were disappointed we had to sit down and discuss the matters of the club. Remigijus treated us with his Christmas homemade porter. As we tasted porter the owner Gintaras appeared. He greeted us and asked what the purpose of our arrival was. He made us happy when he said that we were not going to leave his bar without tasting his beer. When he tasted porter which Remigijus had made he rushed to bring us his own porter. Shortly we were pleasantly surprised by the beautiful color and an excellent flavor local beer. Although the beer was a little bit cloudy and not fully mature the taste didn‘t disappoint us. When we enjoyed the owner‘s beer we treated ourselves with delicious meals which selection was so wide that it would have pleased even the most fastidious. The owner didn‘t just treat us with beer but he also shared his beer making secrets and he was very interested in our club. Brewer kindly agreed to show us the brewery which was set up under the bar and which will soon be visible through the bay windows in the floor of the bar. A nice surprise was the lottery made by the owner and the lottery winner Dainius brought home an old Lithuanian beer glass.


We had a wonderful time. As we were saying goodbye Gintaras invited us to visit him again and he promised to let us taste the beer from the new beer glasses decorated with logos. So we will have to come again.