First club birthday

Club “Humulus lupulus” have started to count the second year so at this special day we decided not to be alone but with a good company. We invited everyone to the café “Tinklas” in Kaunas. Those who were not scared of a lot of snow started to gather half an hour before the start of the event. A lot of collectors have arrived here from Šiauliai, Panevėžys, Kaunas, Vilnius, Vilkaviškis, Vievis, Marijampolė, Jonava, Molėtai and even from Klaipėda. There were about 60 collectors and their friends.

First thing in the meeting was to exchange collectibles and exchanges made everyone very happy. After one hour the fun part has begun. The chairman of the club „Humulus lupulus“was happy about all the guests that have arrived and he invited everyone to taste „Vilmergė“beer and kvass. Club also treated the guests with nice looking and delicious snacks. During the celebration it was possible to taste „Proginis“ beer which was made especially for club‘s birthday.


When everyone was full it was time for some entertainment. Before this event club had already announced the nominations where 3 collectors were nominated. When the lights in the room were turned off the guests could watch the presentation with the funny pictures of the nominees. After every nomination the winners were awarded with the grand prizes and other nominees with small prizes. Here are the nominations and winners : „Traveler wonderer“ winner was Povilas Mikalajūnas, „Shiest collector“ winner was Lina Morkūnienė, „Funniest collector“ winner was Tautvydas Švedas, „Collector discovery“ winner was Kąstytis Orlauskas, „Neatest collector“ winner was Sergejus Popovas, „Friendliest collector“ winner was Ramūnas Blazarėnas and  „Fastest collector“ winner was Aleksandras Zenkovas. But that didn‘t end the awards. The chairmen of clubs „Prie bokalo“ and „Humulus lupulus“ wished each other happy birthday because there is only 1 day difference between these clubs birthdays.


After a little break everyone who wanted was registered for bending the arm contest. There weren‘t a lot of people who were willing to compete but there was one woman. Arm bending was very passionate with the fans support. The winner was Tomas Armalis who apparently was strong not only at the beer drinking but also at arm bending. Conversations were getting louder, everyone was very friendly, new contacts and a nice atmosphere made the birthday amazing. Club members Lina and Dainius prepared some games where everyone competed with pleasure. First challenge brought together women – they had to put beer caps from one mug to another only using chineese chopsticks. It was very fun to watch how women are catching the beer caps not only from the mug but also from the table. And although women are very emotional creatures the challenge was pretty quiet. Maybe they were all concentrated and wanted to win. The winner was Inga who left her opponents far behind. It was a time for men fun. The challenge was very cheerful – they had to roll the ball into the gate with a kvass bottle hanging between their legs. With the fans support they were trying to finish the task as fast as they can but they couldn‘t stop laughing. The winner was Vasilijus who was really happy about the prize – Lithuanian meat called „Skilandis“ and few beer glasses.  Not less fun was the challenge where competitors had to sit on a chair full of beer caps with their eyes closed and they had to guess how many beer caps there are. This challenge winner was also Vasilijus. The last challenge was the most entertaining and it attracted a lot participants. It was beer coasters throwing in a bucket. Men, women and even kids were throwing. It was fun for everyone. This challenge winner was Viktoras who missed only 3 coasters out of 10.


Little by little the guests were leaving because some of them had a long way home. The ones who stayed were still drinking beer and eating the cake which was a birthday gift from Saulius and his wife. (We didn‘t eat the candle).


We are thankful to Ramūnas for delicious beer, cafe „Tinklas“for a shelter and feast and also all the guests who celebrated with us.