IV International breweriana collectors market in Minsk 2011-04-09

It was an honor to visit the annual IV beer merchandise collectors market in Minsk because one of our club members is from Belarus. We didn‘t think much we just prepared our visas and we were ready to go. We were a little bit scared by the line near the border. On Friday, 8th of April we packed our bags and we headed towards Belarus with a hope to reach it on the same day. By the border we were friendly invited into the queue by a crew of club „Prie bokalo“ so we saved about an hour of the trip. We crossed the border without any adventures but the best part was at the Belarus customs. We were walking from one booth to another showing our documents and faces. We reached Minsk in the evening so we rushed towards our hotel.


The hotel was set up in a very strange place but despite that it was very cozy. We were settled in a room at the back of the corridor so we had to pass a whole obstacle course just to reach it. At first we didn‘t understand why there were people with computers in the corridor every 10 meters. Only later we found out that the Internet connection was very low in the rooms so everyone was sitting with their computers in the corridor.  After a little party in our room we went to beds to rest after the trip and to prepare for the market. In the morning one of our crew cars decided to annoy us and we didn‘t manage to start it. We tried to push but sadly we couldn‘t wake that car. Until finally one of Belarus collectors came and brought us a rope. We were a little bit late and we were afraid that we would be one of the last visitors in the market.

But we were surprised when we found out that we were one of the first visitors so we rushed to exchange the items that we brought. There were about 100 collectors from 7 countries in the market. It was nice to meet old friends and to make some new ones.  During the market there was a beer degustation and a variety of attractions. One of the challenges was beer eating from a plate with a spoon.  Only men competed at this challenge. No one was surprised that the winner was a person from Lithuania named Tomas because Lithuanians never come home without prizes. Another challenge was for women- that was beer drinking from cans with a straw. This time the winner was a woman from Belarus. Market‘s time passed very quickly. But that wasn‘t the end – all participants were invited into a party at the restaurant called „People‘s“. Although only a half of participants gathered there (most of them went home on the same evening) but the evening was very cheerful and entertaining.  We tasted the local beer and ate some Belarus dishes which were very delicious. After the evening party we came back to the hotel to rest because we had a trip home waiting for us in the morning. But we couldn‘t leave without visiting our club member‘s Vasilijus beer shop where we tasted few types of beer and very delicious kvass.  Only then we were all satisfied and happy and we moved towards Lithuania.