International autumn breweriana collectors meeting, 2012 September 7-8, Ukmerge


"Humulus lupulus" birthday bomb blew in Kaunas

Latviabeerfest (Riga, 2011 September 3-4)

I wasn‘t planning on visiting this event... Maybe because I totally forgot about it. So my visit at the Latviabeerfest was unexpected but quite nice. I was in Riga for other purposes that‘s why I was at the beer festival for a very short time and that‘s why my story is short and not very detailed... it‘s something like „comments of the passer-by”.

In the evening, as we were walking along the old town of Riga, we accidentally reached the place of the event. A Latvian group „The Hobos” concert was about to begin. I like this group and my fellow travelers thought their music was quite nice so we decided to spend some time there.

Beer marathon 2011 in Marijampolė (2011-09-03)

After a long preparation for the event the final morning has come and everyone was wandering if the marathon will happen. That was the first such event in Marijampolė that‘s why we had to work hard to attract people to something like that. On the morning of the event we already had 30 registered participants.  We rushed to the cafe „Parkas“with our helpers early so that we could have time for the preparation. The weather was perfect so we set up in the terrace of the cafe. With a nice music in the background the participants started to gather. The number of red t-shirts and smiles was getting bigger.

Small brewer’s festival in Helsinki (Finland) 2011-07-30

It was summer holiday season so I also couldn‘t resist the temptation to visit foreign countries. I packed a small backpack of the most necessary stuff, a camera and I went to the country of Vikings- Finland. After a long 12 hours trip through Latvia and Estonia we finally reached the terminal leading to the ferry. That‘s where the first red-haired bearded guys showed up carrying their luggage full of different types of beer. In the shops on the ferry you could buy cheaper beer than in Finland.

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