Festiwal Birofilia 2011 (Żywiec 2011, June 17-18)

This year, like every June, in Sigla‘s and Remigijus‘s yard ir Marijampolė a few cars full of collectors and their collectibles have arrived. Collectors started to carry their stuff into the van and get ready for the trip to one of the biggest and the most favorite markets – Żywiec market.  As always, treated with Kugel and homemade beer, full of joy and happiness we started our trip. The nearest destination - border of Czech Republic. We reached it on the early morning and when we crossed the border we move towards Ostrava. There, in the train station, we took our colleague collector Oleg from Saratov and we started our almost traditional trip through Moravia-Silesia micro-breweries.

Club‘s „Prie bokalo“ international beer merchandise market in Belmontas (May 20-21, 2011)

It was a nice early morning on May 21, 2011. Beer merchandise collectors from all over the world were gathering in a beautiful and full of entertainments recreation center called „Belmontas“ . That day there was a traditional annual prestigious IV or VI international collectors market which is popular among a lot of collectors and has deep traditions. It was set up in one of the center rooms called "Malūnas“. It was organized by a well known in Lithuania and in some other countries beer merchandise collectors club "Prie bokalo". Dressed in unimaginable color T-shirt, tightened and always smiling club members welcomed the arriving collectors and sent them to the registration table where they had to pay a symbolic charge of 35 Lithuanian money. Other club’s „Prie bokalo“ members were already waiting by the table with even wider smiles. After the registration everyone received gifts.  The presents were so amazing that you could have thought it‘s Christmas. In the gift bags everyone found snow white T-shirts, a non-traditional special market‘s beer mugs, a whole range of „Aukštaitijos bravorai“ labels and something else.

IV International breweriana collectors market in Minsk 2011-04-09

It was an honor to visit the annual IV beer merchandise collectors market in Minsk because one of our club members is from Belarus. We didn‘t think much we just prepared our visas and we were ready to go. We were a little bit scared by the line near the border. On Friday, 8th of April we packed our bags and we headed towards Belarus with a hope to reach it on the same day. By the border we were friendly invited into the queue by a crew of club „Prie bokalo“ so we saved about an hour of the trip. We crossed the border without any adventures but the best part was at the Belarus customs. We were walking from one booth to another showing our documents and faces. We reached Minsk in the evening so we rushed towards our hotel.

International breweriana collectors market in Hamm (April 2, 2011)

Every year more and more collectors from different countries visit Germany collectors market in Hamm city. That is a pretty big collectors market which is known for a variety of beer merchandise. Among the big crowd of collectors from Lithuania, Belarus, Russia this year’s market was visited by two of our club members Dainius with family and Vasilijus.

First club birthday

Club “Humulus lupulus” have started to count the second year so at this special day we decided not to be alone but with a good company. We invited everyone to the café “Tinklas” in Kaunas. Those who were not scared of a lot of snow started to gather half an hour before the start of the event. A lot of collectors have arrived here from Šiauliai, Panevėžys, Kaunas, Vilnius, Vilkaviškis, Vievis, Marijampolė, Jonava, Molėtai and even from Klaipėda. There were about 60 collectors and their friends.

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